Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to make a nylon daisy (chamomile) - a super easy tutorial

Daisies are charming in their simplicity and beauty. I’ve always liked this flower in all the forms – big decorative daisies from my mother’s garden, small and humble plants on the hills near the village river, packages of dry flowers from the nearest drugstore – it makes an excellent relaxing tea. I used to rinse my hair with daisy water to give it a golden shine. My little nephew was given chamomile baths to increase his immunity. Anyway, I couldn’t skip these flowers in my stocking flower making experiments, so here is a simple tutorial on how to make a nylon daisy. 

You'll need

    Get all the materials ready – you’ll need a thick wire for the stems, thin wires for the petals, white and yellow nylon fabric, a bit of cotton, scissors, threads, readymade leaves (you can do without), and green sticky tape.


      Step 1

 Cut your thin wires into pieces of the same size and form the petals. The size may vary depending on your preferences – daisies can be really small and relatively big.

Step 2

 Stretch the white nylon fabric, put it over each petal and fix it with a thread.

Step 3

 Form a cotton ball and wrap it with yellow nylon fabric a few times.

Step 4 

 Fix the ball to a stem with threads and start fixing the petals one by one.  

Step 5

Wrap the stem with the green sticky tape, inserting readymade leaves.  

Step 6

 Admire your work. :)

A few daisies like this make a nice bouquet, especially if you place it in a straw basket. I’m going to buy a couple of baskets soon, so stay tuned for a picturesque stocking flower photography:) For now – Buddha and daisy, an unusual, but nevertheless harmonious  combination :)

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